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Real Fashion For Real People

  • Jumpsuit was custom made to me

    This jumpsuit was 100% custom made to ME by eShakti I mean I’m dying over these sleeves! eShakti is an online store where you customize ANY outfit piece specifically to you.

    Lauren Costello , Pennsylvania

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  • Fab dress is from one of my fave ethical brands

    This fab dress is from one of my fave ethical brands eShakti who get it right every time. Made to fit your exact measurement and you can choose sleeve length, neckline, hem length and whether or not to have pockets! 

    Rachel , Cambridgeshire

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  • I love the color and print of this dress

    I love the color and print of this dress because it will transition beautifully into fall styling.

    Emily Sarmiento , Florida

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  • Dress from eShakti

    This dress is from eshakti a company that custom makes clothing based on your measurements! So everything will fit you perfectly

    Janie Rodriguez, Texas

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  • Customized as per fit and style

    eshakti for amazing collection of outfits and every piece can be customized as per your fit and style.

    Trish, New Jersey

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  • Pretty little floral dress

    This pretty little floral dress from eShakti won’t be going out of style anytime soon. I love the empire waist fit and I customized the length of the dress to fit my style.

    Katie, Michigan

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  • eshakti create this jumpsuit and I love it!

    I collabed with eshakti to create this jumpsuit and I love it! If you don't know what eshakti is, it's basically an online store where you can customize the pieces of clothing you like to make them more your style.

    Laura Marquina, Chicago

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  • It came exactly like i want!

    I’m in love with my new dress from @eshakti ! I love everything about this store and I love that they have a option that we can customize our dress just like we want! Yes! All their garments are fully customizable for fit and style details in sizes 0-36w. Want a higher hemline? A lower neckline? Different sleeves? No problem, they can do this. I changed in this dress the necklace and the sleeve for example,and it came exactly like i want! 

    karina, Utah

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  • Made to your own personal measurements.

    eshakti are an online women's fashion company that offers fully customizable apparel in sizes 0-36W. They have a wide range of products from dresses to denim in a range of accessible price points. Every style they offer can be made to your own personal measurements. You also have the option to choose your own neckline, sleeve and hem length. Oh, and did I mention all of the garments have pockets!? 

    Alex Faafetai, California

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  • customize to my liking!

    Wearing this eshakti dress that I got to customize to my liking! I love dresses that accentuate my waist, so I was happy to be able to customize this to have a tight A-line waist and capped sleeves. Best part? The dress has pockets

    Paula , New york

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  • Dress fom eshakti

    Dress from eshakti between they customized the dresses for you. It was fun and easy to order.

    Jessica, Texas

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  • Perfect Sized dress

    A perfectly sized dress with pockets?!  all my ladies know that this is a dream xx eshakti is a very fashionable company that makes chic & unique garments! Completely customize-able to your style, size & height  I’m going to be living in this handmade dress during spring & summer #eshakti 

    Vinisha, Ontario

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  • Wearing this beautiful dress from eshakti

    Wearing this beautiful dress from @eshakti which makes a perfect white ball, white dinner, or wedding dress!

    Bettina, Columbia

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  • ombre print dress from eshakti

    Twirling into a brand New Year in my favorite ombré print dress from @eshakti 

    Rupal, New york

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  • Wearing a fabulous eShakti Dress

    Ready to jingle and mingle in the prettiest of settings wearing a fabulous @eshakti offers a wonderful variety of both classic and feminine dresses which you can completely personalise and change according to your style preference, height and body figure! 

    Tatiana Bellator, London

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  • Love this snakeskin dress

    Love this snakeskin dress from @eshakti! So cute for work and you could pair with a chunky sweater and booties for a whole new look! 

    Faryn Van, Nashville

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  • Beautiful dress from eshakti

    Also, I found my dress eshakti . They have tons of beautiful dresses that you are able to customize to your size, taste and style. So fun!! eshakti

    Michelle Tucker, San Franisco

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  • Wearing the desk to dinner dress from eShakti

    Wearing the desk to dinner dress from eShakti

    Sudipa, New Jersey

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  • Lovely and so Comfy Shirt from eShakti

    This lovely and oh so comfy shirt I’m wearing is from @eshakti go check them out! They personalize everything to your body/size.

    Alicia, ohio

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  • I looove versatility of a classic black dress with a little pop

     I looove the versatility of a classic black dress with a little pop like this one! The best part is thanks to @eshakti I was able to customize the length, neckline, and sleeves of any dress all on their app! This is the jasmine dress in above the knee length and it even has pockets! I highly recommend them for any special occasion you may have! 

    Shanel Sibaja, Kansas

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  • loving this dress from eshakti

    LOVING this dress from @eshakti If you love one of a kind pieces, you've got to check this brand out! I was able to select the neckline, sleeve and length of this dress! Not to mention the pockets It was so much fun and they have soooo many different styles it was hard to decide!

    Bianca, Florida

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  • Customize to my style

    This is one of the dresses I ordered at @eshakti I told them that they can customize any design they have on their website to their liking, which seems incredible to me As a rare thing , I all ordered them with long sleeves (I'm a fan)

    Carla Nunez, Florida

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  • Just love a dress that was customized

    New blog post  Don't you just love a dress that was customized just for you?!  Well anyone can have this for a reasonable price from @eshakti  I am very impressed with how this dress turned out with my customized changes  Please check out my blog for my full review of @eshakti 

    Rebecca Harasym, US

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  • One of my favorite blog post ever!

    Just went live with one of my favorite blog posts ever! So excited to be sharing some budget-friendly, size-inclusive picks from @eshakti just in time for wedding season. 

    Nicolle, Kentucky

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  • Luckily I have this eshakti jumpsuit

    Luckily, I have this @eshakti jumpsuit coming to the rescue today and, let me tell ya, their clothing is genius (especially is you are pregnant). Want a higher hemline? A lower neckline? Different sleeves? No problem. . I ordered the jumpsuit in my normal size but added some room in the waist area so I can wear it throughout my pregnancy 

    siramara, Florida

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  • Perfect dress from eshakti

    Stumbled upon this fit from @eshakti and the best part is they customise 

    Sonakshi, Toronto

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  • It fits PERFECTLY

    This dress is the bomb [pop] ! It fits PERFECTLY bc it was custom made by @eshakti for me!! When they approached me for a collab, I was pretty excited but also overwhelmed because there were SO.MANY.TO.CHOOSE!! 

    Rae, Indiana

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  • I did customize this dress by adding length to the sleeves

    So excited for my collaboration with @eshakti. A new blog post featuring this beautiful chambray bishop sleeve embroidered midi dress. I did customize this dress by adding length to the sleeves and the dress, and also changing the neck line

    Veena, Toronto

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  • Dress from @eshakti

    The only site where you can customize your clothes tailored to you based on height, sleeves length, width and color combination Simply fabulous 

    Diletta Allei, san francisco

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  • Thanks eshakti!

    Wore this custom @eshakti dress Sunday night. I loved that I was able to customize the collar and the length of the skirt and sleeves! I heard such good things about Eshakti, so I'm glad I was able to try it. 
    Thanks @eshakti!

    Bari Mitzmann,

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  • Summer dress from eshakti

    Oh my gosh, eshakti! I'm putting my girlfriends onto this website. You get to choose the neckline, sleeve, and length of the dress you want and the company custom makes it to your height. And, pockets!! Also, this is the closest I will get to Bey's yellow dress in "Hold Up." 

    Anya, GA

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  • I feel absolutely beautiful!

    My new dress from eShakti arrived today and, of course I have to say “it has pockets”! The quality is stunning (as usual). Fully lined and even comes with snap strips at the shoulder area to secure your bra so it doesn’t show! The thought and care that goes into making each one of these dresses is exceptional.

    Monique, Canada

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    This beautiful skirt can be made with our without pockets, altered shorter or longer depending on your height and preference, and fit to your measurements, not just a "size" like most shops. Your clothing can become truly what you make of it when shopping at eShakti.

    Lisa, IL

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  • I am still in awe of the beauty of this dress!

    It is everything I want in a summer dress and my favorite purchase so far this season! I stalk the eShakti website daily looking for what will be my next purchase!  

    Faith, AR

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  • It makes me feel really like a princess!

    A simple and special dress at the same time, in a wonderful red-colored access. Made to measure for me, caresses my forms without forcing them and makes me feel really like a princess. 


    Elisa, Italy

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  • Prettiest hot air balloon print dress

    NYFW day 2 outfit: Hot air balloon print dress - it’s the prettiest hot air balloon print dress. Got a lot of compliments on the dress. I mean, how preppy and cute is it – especially with that bow tie neckline?

    Cris, PA

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  • Dress was as girly as my personality

    I felt like this dress was as G I R L Y as my personality 

    Sarah , Colorado

    Currently unavailable
  • Gorgeous classic dress

    There is nothing I love more than a gorgeous classic dress. So imagine my excitement when I found out about eshakti 

    Kelley, Florida

    Currently unavailable
  • Beautiful dress from eShakti

    Sharing this beautiful dress from can choose the neckline, sleeve, and length of your outfit.

    Lisa, California

    Currently unavailable
  • Maxi dress comes jumpsuit Version

    Thanks to eshakti for having customized garments from the neckline, to sleeves, and even length! Love that I don’t have to pay extra to get my clothes altered! I’m wearing the maxi dress but this also comes in a jumpsuit version.

    Hong, Texas

    Currently unavailable
  • Gorgeous custom dress from eShakti

    This gorgeous, custom dress was gifted to me from eshakti. They have a massive collection of dresses that you can customize to fit your preferences. I got to choose the hem length, sleeve length, neckline, and style of dress! It was so much fun.

    Emma Kusk, Michigan

    Currently unavailable
  • Jumpsuit from eShakti

    Jumpsuit gifted eshakti (this piece was custom made to my height, size and preference for strap thickness)

    Danie jade, Luton

    Currently unavailable
  • I am thrilled with my creation

    Do you have a favorite dress at home? Something that feels like it was just made for you? Well my eshakti dress actually was! First you choose from their HUGE selection of beautiful dresses and then you can customize the length, sleeve length, and neckline. I am thrilled with my creation and you will be too. 

    Jenny, Wisconsin

    Currently unavailable
  • my personal favorite brand for dresses

    eshakti is my personal favorite brand for dresses. They offer a wide range of sizes 0-36W. I love that each piece can be made to your own personal measurements, you even have the choice to customize your neckline, sleeves and hem length. Oh and did I mention, all their garments have pockets. Well, what else could a girl ask for?

    Reshma , Texas

    Currently unavailable
  • fabulous floral gown

    showcasing this fabulous floral gown custom made just for me by eShakti

    Rosa Diana, Connecticut

    Currently unavailable
  • Perfect to wear out!

    My jumpsuit is from eshakti and can be custom designed. It has pockets (yahoooo) and will be perfect to wear out! I threw it on just for a quick pic & gonna go change back into my sweats now lol  Stay home, stay healthy, and remember we’re all in this together 

    kay marie, Montana

    Currently unavailable
  • My new customized dress from eshakti

    At least I got myself out of yoga pants to show off my new customized dress from eshakti with pockets and all!  That’s right! You pick the design you like and customize the length, sleeves, neckline, zipper and can even add pockets! Since I can’t wear this out around town, I might as well share with my IG family. 

    Danielle, California

    Currently unavailable
  • Gorgeous dress from eshakti

    Dreaming of a spring wedding in this gorgeous dress from eshakti (*kindly gifted)Loved the idea that I could personalize the dress as per my choice.The style, pattern and how it accentuates the waist with the all my favorite

    Shobhita, London

    Currently unavailable
  • eshakti customized it to me

    Hello babes because many of you have been asking me about this dress well is from eshakti  they customized it to me and have many different styles. 

    Vanessa Bienz, Utah

    Currently unavailable
  • Feel like you are a designer of your own dress

    eShakti is a unique women’s fashion company online with sizes 0-36W made custom to your style. You can change the length, sleeve, neck line, so you even feel like you are a designer of your own dress. They have pockets too!!!!

    Vitalina, California

    Currently unavailable